I use to say „I am good at (almost) every kind of sport, but I am not really great at anything“. This is because I love to try new things all the time.

Climbing high

One example: When my wife told me, she would love to do horse riding again (after she did it as a child) my first reaction was biased „stupid girls sport or not even a real sport“. But I went with her, took some training lessons and was fascinated by the power (and the lack of control about it). Long story short, a couple of years later I was doing show jumping at a local tournament. And believe it or not, even during dressage my pulse is at least as high as during a regular run.

Another: When there was no wind for windsurfing during a vacation on Fuerte Ventura (…), I decided to take the exam as a diver.

Kite Surfing. Going fast

And one more: When I saw that the kite surfer were much faster than me windsurfing, I took a 2 week individual training to learn it. I never swallowed so much saltwater in 2 weeks, but it was great fun (at least the second week).


I mentioned running before; it was my little brother who said, „hey, let’s try to run a marathon“. Challenge accepted. I did 2 marathons (best in 3h15m) and maybe 15 half marathons. My brother backed down.

Other Hobbies

As I love cars a lot and I am into everything that is fast, I also have 3 RC cars, Nitro and Electric with max speeds up to 100 km/h.


The usual things like reading, travelling and spending time with my wife and daughter are not less important, just less spectacular. I also like good food, I love to grill and also to cook with my wife, we enjoy going to the opera or the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra from time to time, we used to go sailing on lake Chiemsee and in winter – as we are from Munich – of course we go skiing or snowboarding.