My Microsoft Story

I joined Microsoft in November 2015. After only 10 months at Yahoo! the step came naturally as the strategic search business moved from Yahoo! to Microsoft at that time. Basically I move on to Microsoft together with my customers, the Bing Ads platform business and my boss Carsten Rauh who was in interview loops at the same time.

Interview & Hiring

I was interviewed by HR, followed by two in person interviews with Mark Richardson (Director GS3 at that time) and Axel Steinman (VP International Strategic Search). And even though I knew both a little bit from working with Microsoft during my Yahoo! time (we met during the joint Product Advisory Group) I had no idea how the interview went.

Especially Axel had a Pokerface and I was not sure about his thoughts. But obviously, it worked.

First Steps, new Team

We started as a small team of 6 and our task for the first weeks was clear: Transition all German strategic customers from Yahoo! to Microsoft. There was a lot of preparation work done in the background like switching the invoicing from Yahoo! to Microsoft. And then we had to „push the button“ and we hoped that everything would work afterwards. And yes, we managed to bring our customers live in the new setup without any significant downtime for them.

Development within the role

Even though I am in my current role since 2015, the role changed a lot. To be more precise, the role evolved, and I learned a lot. Today the role covers not only the (Search-) Advertising business from Microsoft but also the larger Microsoft view. I am often the only Microsoft representative our customers get to see. So I am Microsoft for them and I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a specialist in Azure customization. But I can discuss a lot and if my knowledge ends there are still two ways forward; 1) I learn more 2) I know someone to refer to and ask for support.