My Personal Profile

Insights Discovery

According to the test, this is my Personal Profile.

Florian’s key strengths:
● Prefers structure at work and home.
● Practical in finding solutions.
● Usually weighs up all relevant factors before reaching decisions.
● Strong and consistent principles.
● Realistic and cautious.
● Affectionate, self effacing and accommodating.
● Learns from experience – won’t get hurt by the same situation twice.
● His word is his bond.
● Relaxed about what others may think of him. (I doubt this point)
● Responsible, methodical and works well with figures and procedures.

Florian’s possible weaknesses:
● May not respond well to uncertainty.
● Can resist by being passive yet stubborn simultaneously.
● May have to work at being more action orientated.
● The tendency to focus upon past failures rather than significant successes.
● His focus on steady efficiency may cause frustration in others.
● May get frustrated with other peoples‘ ways.
● Reluctant to risk new ideas.
● Worries too much about colleagues.
● Seen as rather rigid, inflexible and unbending.
● May suppress creativity